9th & Olympus

9th & Olympus is the working title for a project that has been little more than a brainstorm in my head for quite some time.

I have been mulling over the idea of trying to figure out a way to combine both my desire to begin writing again and my longterm love of Greek/Roman mythology into something that would stay true to the original tales but offer my own reinterpretation of those events.

I started thinking about the world in which we live in today. A large segment of America has become fascinated and obsessed with celebrities, charismatic yet unintelligent politicians (I’m looking at you, Sarah Palin), and wealthy socialites simply because of who they are instead of what they’ve done (or, in most cases, lack of what they’ve done) with their lives.

In many ways, the deities of ancient Greece and Rome were the first celebrities. People wanted to eat with them. They wanted to drink with them. They wanted to be ravished by them and build wings of feathers and wax so they could fly with them. If Us Weekly had an Olympus edition, the cover would be plastered with photos of Eris in a courtroom as often as we see the same photos of Lindsay Lohan in a similar setting now.

This brought me to wonder what the gods would be like if they lived in modern times, specifically New York City (where else?). I began to see them not so much as gods, but as part of a wealthy family of socialites with political and financial connections throughout the city thus making them gods in the eyes of everyone else.

Dionysus would be a sommelier and the proprietor of an East Village wine bar that may or may not host the occasional swinging orgy. Terpsichore would, undoubtedly, be an infamous burlesque dancer at said bar with Euterpe spinning only the best indie music from the DJ booth. The West Village would be home to Demeter’s marijuana grow house. Eros would have no need for pot as he deals strictly in Ecstasy and club drugs. Further uptown, Hades’ art gallery The Underworld would be home to some of the most controversial shows in the country. Echo, in her role as personal assistant to Hera (because what Upper East Side woman who marries for money and power DOESN’T have a personal assistant?) would do everything in her power to keep Zeus’ infidelities from reaching the ears of his wife. We all know how well that played out for Echo, no?

How would they get away with half the indiscretions that the gods wrought down on civilization? Well, when was the last time a celebrity or socialite got more than a slap on the wrist for doing whatever they fancied?

With the ideas still flowing, now comes the time to finally (hopefully) start scratching them down on paper.


Excerpt One

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