Send in the Clones: An “Orphan Black” Character Breakdown.

10 04 2014

orphan-black-season-2-poster7A thieving con artist. A neurotic, suburban soccer mom. An eccentric “evo-devo” PhD student.  An emotionally unstable police detective. A Ukranian religious fanatic. An ice queen with ties to a morally ambiguous organization.

They come from very different walks of life, yet they all have one very important thing in common. They are all genetic identicals. An experiment by a scientific institution that pushes the limits of what is both possible and ethical.

Without question, Orphan Black was the sleeper hit of 2013. Flying under the radar, the Canadian sci-fi/drama centers on Sarah Manning, a woman who, while trying to move beyond her crime-ridden past, stumbles into a conspiracy that shakes her personal identity to the core. The series proved to be such a success with both critics and viewers that it was officially picked up for a second season on May 2nd, 2013… a month prior to the airing of season one’s finale.

To the folks who will finally take the plunge  into the world of Orphan Black for the first time when season two begins, below is a handy “who’s who” guide to the players thus far and how they connect to each other. Warning, spoilers ahead:

Click here to visit Geeks OUT for the full article.



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