Cloning Around: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

21 04 2014

Fusion x64 TIFF FileWelcome to “Cloning Around”, your weekly recap source for BBC America’s (Space) sci-fi/drama, Orphan BlackBefore diving into the season premiere details, be sure to brush up on season one’s players.

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Send in the Clones: An “Orphan Black” Character Breakdown.

10 04 2014

orphan-black-season-2-poster7A thieving con artist. A neurotic, suburban soccer mom. An eccentric “evo-devo” PhD student.  An emotionally unstable police detective. A Ukranian religious fanatic. An ice queen with ties to a morally ambiguous organization.

They come from very different walks of life, yet they all have one very important thing in common. They are all genetic identicals. An experiment by a scientific institution that pushes the limits of what is both possible and ethical.

Without question, Orphan Black was the sleeper hit of 2013. Flying under the radar, the Canadian sci-fi/drama centers on Sarah Manning, a woman who, while trying to move beyond her crime-ridden past, stumbles into a conspiracy that shakes her personal identity to the core. The series proved to be such a success with both critics and viewers that it was officially picked up for a second season on May 2nd, 2013… a month prior to the airing of season one’s finale.

To the folks who will finally take the plunge  into the world of Orphan Black for the first time when season two begins, below is a handy “who’s who” guide to the players thus far and how they connect to each other. Warning, spoilers ahead:

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Brian Michael Bendis in Cleveland (a.k.a. “Can we talk about Dazzler?”).

7 04 2014
w/ Brian Michael Bendis at Comic Heaven

w/ Brian Michael Bendis at Comic Heaven

He brought us Jessica Jones and Alias. He was responsible for such “universe-changing” storylines as Avengers: Disassembled, House of M, and Secret Invasion. He employed Squirrel Girl as the nanny to Luke Cage’s daughter. Oh, and he also teamed up with Chris Bachalo to accessorize Mystique with a fabulous Louis Vuitton medical bag. He is Brian Michael Bendis.

Between various comic book conventions and in-store appearances, the last few years have afforded me several opportunities to meet some of Marvel’s most talented names: Chris Claremont, Peter David, Marjorie Liu, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Marc Silvestri, Walt and Louise Simonson, Matt Fraction, Stuart and Kathryn Immonen, Cullen Bunn, and Skottie Young. However, when a creator like Brian Michael Bendis announces an upcoming appearance, you tend to make whatever accomodations are necessary to be there… even if it involves a lengthy commute.

When word broke that Mr. Bendis would be doing an afternoon signing in Ohio, following a TEDx engagement in Cleveland, it didn’t take much convincing before the trunk of the car was packed tightly with essential Bendis books, all eagerly awaiting his signature. Being an unapologetic fanboy of Marvel’s d-listers, I was proudly dragging all New Avengers issues that featured the notable and instantly recognizable heroes Squirrel Girl and Night Nurse.

NightNurse2The event was held at Bendis’ old stomping ground, Comic Heaven, in the Cleveland suburb of Willoughby. With the incredibly friendly and gracious owner, Jim Williams, and a fantastic selection of back-issues, I cannot sing the praises of this store enough. With plenty of time to kill before Bendis was due to arrive, we spent time browsing the shelves and swapping stories with a writer from BleedingCool, who was covering the event.

True to the stories told by  folks that have met him in the past, Bendis is not only extremely personable, but he is also incredibly humble. You never know for sure what you’re going to get when you meet the folks attached to your favorite comic books. Experience has shown that there is a fair share, with less impressive rap sheets than Mr. Bendis, who come off as particularly arrogant with little desire to interact with fans.

“Can we talk about Dazzler?” Of course, this was the first question asked of the man who currently has the mutant songstress in a catatonic state in his Uncanny X-Men run. If his hearty chuckle alluded to anything, it was that he has been thrown this question on numerous occasions. “People think that if something bad happens to a character that they love, the writer obviously hates that character,” he responded. “I don’t hate Dazzler. I love her! I promise you, it will all pay-off!”

As Bendis continued signing the pile of books that were brought over state lines, we briefly discussed the upcoming Jessica Jones-centric Netflix series. All he could really tell us was that he was very pleased with what has been in development so far. As Jessica could be considered his “baby”, this would lead one to presume that the series will stay relatively true to how the former Avenger appears in print. So, has the show actually begun filming? Has the title role been cast yet?  With a grin on his face, he refused to divulge anything further.

Being an intelligent man, Bendis knows that silence often speaks volumes.